Bardia National Park is the largest national park and wilderness area in the Terai and has excellent wildlife-watching opportunities. Bardia is often described as what Chitwan was like 30 years ago, before being overrun by tourism. It protects one of Asia’s largest stretches of tiger habitat. That’s a lot of habitat, but even though tiger numbers are increasing after their recent demise during the Maoist insurgency, you’ll still need exceptionally good luck to see one here.

It is also the habitat of wild elephants and one-horned rhinos among the 30 species of mammals living here. Bardia also has more than 250 species of birds, including the endangered Bengal florican and sarus crane. Gharial and marsh mugger crocodiles and Gangetic dolphins are occasionally spotted on rafting and canoe trips along the Geruwa River, the eastern channel of the Karnali River

Volunteering Program:

Volunteering program is a non-profit program which helps to exchange culture practices and to improve the situation of social, economical, cultural and educational sectors. The main objective of this program is to empower marginalized communities through enhanced Education, Health, Income generation & Basic infrastructure programs with special focus on women and children by conducting training and research through mobilizing local and international volunteers to promote equality, economic well-being and basic human rights.

Volunteer Responsibilities in School:

-Teaching and tutoring children in English, Computer or volunteer can choose any   subject in which they are good at.

-Developing a creative environment for children through crafts, games and sports.

-Organizing hygiene awareness or cleanliness and sanitation program for    students.

-Teach English (2-3 hours a day) in the school.

-Organizing games, drawing, singing, dancing, and other creative activities.

-Taking kids on educational tours and organize seminar/presentation about new    places may be of your own country. Helping kids to do homework, and help    them to increase their extra knowledge besides they get academically.

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